Prepper Storage
Want to keep the Zombies away from your cache? Store you food, water, ammo, fuel, medical gear, electronic gear, flash lights in Big Bloks in earth tone colored units around the property, buried under ground or dark recesses of the garage or out buildings. Stack them high in the corners as high as you can reach, the containers will take it.
  • With large lids, 9.5" in diameter, access to the goods is easy. Dry storage, no problem as the lid has a Buna-N O-ring forming a water/air tight seal.
  • Want to drive out the air so all the moisture and oxygen are gone? This is done several ways and then store the goods with a peace of mind the material will be there when you need it.
  • Want to handle the dog and cat food as well? No problem. One user caught up with me after five years and wanted me to know how well the product has performed keeping raccoons and vermin away from the pet food. Want to get really sexy, we can implant RFID chip in the containers so Identification and location can be made with the right equipment.
  • Ballistic tests show that they can be used used effectively for bunkering against small arms fire as well. Big Blok is made of food grade LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) Plastic so no rusting, paint coming off, no rusting of lid and container together and no sharp edges. What more could you ask for?