Big Blok Two

Big Blok containers are high quality LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene) containers designed with the unusual, demanding use in mind. Besides being rugged, the specific gravity of LDPE is 0.93-0.94 so it floats even if a container is full of water or fuel. LDPE is FDA approved.

Big Blok Two is one of three complimentary/interlocking designs:

Big Blok Storage System Two
Handles molded in to the units, designed so one person can manage it
The lid formed to allow tightening and loosening using simple tools
The lid can be customized to use barrel bungs, 2" NPT opening or just about any adaptation or fitting available
Colors can designate the use of the container
Labels can be applied
Package liquids, hazardous material, fuels, chemicals, grains, clothing, food, etc.
Use as flexible storage when units are manifold together, stacked as high as practical
Use as a part of the building BLOK system for dikes, walls, shelters, barriers, etc. Materials such as dirt, rocks, etc. can be added to increase the density.
Use in applications around bodies of water as the containers float, even full of water.
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