Greg says: "We decided to install 11 gallons of "Living Storage" from Big Blok. Haven't needed it but use it for drinking water in the garage. Had an emergency plumbing job and never thought about water for drinking so shut off the water and disconnected some plumbing. What do I use for water, cleaning up or for sanitation? Had it covered via the Living Storage, it did the trick."

CCFD6 says: We are satisfied with the product as we now have the ability to provide our responders with water and sanitary supplies if utilities are lost for a significant time. We looked at other options and selected Big Blok because of the flexibility of the units that can be used and configured in a variety of ways. Big Blok was easy to work with and despite some issues, delivered a quality product.

Dave says: after five years of use as storage for pet food where raccoons and vermin can access the food, no problems! Very satisfied with the product.

Sharon says: I have seen the Big bloks and wondered what I would use one for. The our day our well went dry and luckily a friend had a Big Blok and water and we were up and stable within a few hours. So easy to use. Bought one for my home!

Karen says; I have owned a Big Blok for a year and find it so good at storing supplies and they hold so much. great Product.

Mike says; I purchased three Big Bloks, one for fuel and two for water to use while camping. They worked great, had two issues and Big Blok stepped up and backed their product.

"The Big Blok are doing great! I have used them on the hunting trips. I am currently nine days into a twenty two day trip. I have had many comments on their efficiency and ease of use. I will be ordering more shortly after I return home. I currently use one BB to carry potable water for six dogs and the other BB holds fifty pounds of kibble feed for the same dogs. I would highly recommend other hunters, fisherman and campers to consider the BB for water and food storage needs. I have to get near civilization before I have cell service." John

"As you know, I purchased two of the single Big Bloks. I kept one for my husband and me; the other one I gave to our adult son for a Christmas gift. We are making lists of what we would most want to have should we be driven from our house and are starting to fill our containers. They are VERY roomy! We are packing in some items of clothing, some food, water purification devices, a few small tools, first aid supplies, rain gear, small tent, rope, etc. When they are filled we plan to partially bury them in our woods where we could easily access them if need be. I feel more secure knowing that we will not have "all our eggs in one basket". Karen from Bolivar, Ohio

City of Cannon Beach, "A satisfied customer!"

I have used Blok 3 times and it has worked great. My plan is to grab 2 more. The lid stayed tight had no problems at all. Thanks. Ira

"I am using the Big Blok 2 for pet food storage. I do not smell the food anymore and no more mice in the garage." John

Big Blok delivered the Big Blok 1 and the toilet seat in the color requested in the time frame agreed to. I have not tried it, yet. Vivienne

Cowlitz County Sherriff' office bought several Big Blok 1s for evidence containers.

I like the toilet seat and Big Blok1 for emergency preparedness. I hope to buy some more. Lee

Bill, a "prepper", said he is very satisfied with the product and plans to store supplies underground using several Big Bloks.