Big Bloks Basic Unit:
One lid, No openings
Standard Offering:
One (BB1) Two (BB2) Three (BB3) Lids
Two ¾" spin welds and
quick disconnect valves
One (BB1) or Two (BB2&3) Connectors

Big Block One
10 gal
     $59.15 Natural/White
     $61.36 Color
     $85.15 Natural/White
     $87.36 Color
BB2 Natural Color
Big Block Two
23 gallons
     $85.54 Natural/White
     $88.79 Color
     $147.54 Natural/White
     $150.79 Color
BB3 Natural Color
Big Block Three
37 gallons
     $126.88 Natural/White
     $132.08 Color
     $198.88 Natural/White
     $204.08 Color

Volume discounts and special orders are available.

Does not include shipping and handling.

Standard Colors: Natural (white), Orange, Red, Blue, Green, Black, Yellow, Brown

  •   Retaining Wall Configuration The retaining wall as configured is $1014, the retaining wall configured as a cistern would add an additional $75. The price is dependent on the desired configuration and intended use and excludes taxes, shipping and handling. Please call for quotes. "In this example, the cistern would have up to 130 gallons of storage."
  •   Toilet Seat Assembly The toilet seat assembly is $79 for the toilet seat and $68 for the Big Blok One which is $147. Natural: $72 | Color: $74
  • Shipping: Big Bloks are made and manufactured in Vancouver, WA. Shipping normally occurs as soon as the product is ready per the customer specification. For small orders out of inventory, shipping occurs within 1-2 days and can occur within hours if asked. Larger or custom orders not in inventory take about 3-4 weeks to ship as the product has to be made and assembled. Small shipments are normally delivered if close by or shipped via UPS. Larger orders can be shipped via truck transport, rail, etc. Big Blok will drop ship as directed.

    Customized Kits: Some of the kits Big Blok has assembled include:
    Emergency preparedness kits for home and business
    Emergency kits for the classrooms
    Emergency oil spill
    The kits are easy to customize and can be assembled in the convenient 10 gallon Big Blok 1 or 23 gallon Big Blok 2. Colors for the kits are up to the customer. To assemble and ship a customized kit normally requires 3-5 days.

    Fulfillment: Big Blok's goal to provide the customer with a high quality storage system customized to meet their unique preferences and deliver that product in a timely manner. Our Testimonials suggest we are meeting this goal. Let us serve you.