Big Blok Multiple Use Containers

Tom from the American Preppers Network showing Big Blok's versatility
How many Big Bloks will fit in a pickup truck? Not having ready access to a pick up, I finally borrowed a Chevy 2500 HD with the following results. I did not have enough Big Bloks to fill the p/u but given what I had, the results by stacking them three high or just about cab high are:

Under Ground Storage - Good for under ground storage of potable water, fuel, medical supplies, ammo and more. Air and water seal, caution needs to be taken to remove moisture and/or oxygen depending on the nature of the material being stored.
Diking - either temporary, emergency or permanent diking
Nursery/Landscaping - Use as retaining walls, permanent and portable planters
Retaining Walls - Easily assembled, variety of colors. Can be used as a cistern as well. Build high walls using BB3 as buttresses and add concrete and rebar. Places for plants included. Can be erected without special equipment, quickly.
Portable Planters - Can hold flowers for weddings, parities, special events. Easily moved with the plants. Quick assembly and disassembly.
Benches - With the addition of bench adapter or cushion, good for parties and special events. Easy to move, ship and store.
Water Filtration - Load with water filtration media to recover clean water and store it.
Barriers - Connect them together and fill with ballast to direct people and traffic as desired. Easy to assemble and disassemble. Use bright colors, add reflectors. Store equipment and materials as well.
Shelter Walls - Build shelter walls including windows and door openings using Big Blok. Quick and easy to build and remove.
Chemical Trials - Flexible volumes of material as the units are interconnected. Flexible shapes as trial storage is generally limited. Easy to refill and remove. Easy to connect pump(s) as needed.
Spill Mitigation - Easy to fill with hazardous materials, won't tear or leak. Color coding for easy of use. Floats. Easy to secure. No special equipment.
Storage of Fuels - Can be interconnected for any volume and easily emptied. Color coded. Good for waste materials. Good for high purity material with easy to clean, sealed lid.
Animal feed - Used for storing and distributing both dry and liquid feed. Can be loaded, hauled easily and unloaded without special materials.
Bulkheads - Low to medium height bulk heads. Easy to install without the need of special equipment.
Medium Walls on Highways - Easy to install. Colorful. Won't do severe damage to vehicles. Can be weighted using water or any readily available material. Flexible so easy to shape for turns, bends, etc.
Tool Boxes - Water tight, rugged and easy to handle.
BBs Designed - To interlock when stacked and be very stable. To interconnect for flexible volumes. Shaped like a bicycle chain link for serpentine or rectilinear constructions. Spin fittings can be used in a variety of ways and places. Big Bloks come in a variety of thickness/strengths and colors. Rotomolded with UV stabilizes, FDA approved material.