Big Blok Military Applications

  • Handling material at a supply center is easy. Handling in a forward area is not.
  • Big Bloks have a complimentary design that simplifies how they can be stacked and used.
  • Molded in colors for quick identification of contents, and easily labeled.
  • These containers won't rust, dent, or break, and can withstand rough handling.
  • O-ring sealed caps protect liquid or dry contents from weather, spilling, contamination.
  • The containers material, LDPE, is good for outdoor and underground storage.
  • We accept P cards and credit cards for government purchases
  • Big Blok is a vet owned, small business

    Storage Area

    These bloks, for example, are full and waiting to be shipped, but are arranged as bin storage, or as a protective bunker or carpark.
    Military Barricades


    "You made that from empty boxes? Big Bloks are not boxes, they are containers"

  • Once emptied, Big Bloks are ready for their next assignment as building bloks.
  • Filled with dirt, sand, or rocks, they provide ballistic and personnel protection.
  • A single Big Blok 2 supplies troops with 92 quarts (87 liters) of water or fuel.
  • Can be easily hand loaded into a vehicle.
  • Military Bunker


  • Rounded ends of capsules permit linear and non-linear constructions.
  • Doors and windows are easy.
  • Big Blok 1 (red here) is an end filler.
  • Big Blok 3 (green here) lets walls intersect.
  • Military Fuel Storage

    Storage Tanks

  • When stacked and manifolded with the optional quick-connect hoses, the 12-pack shown here becomes a 276 gal tank.
  • 3/4" pipe threaded holes at the bottom drain and top vent will accept any plumbing fitting, including a drum valve or garden hose adapter.
  • The assembly is serviced by replacing the top, empty capsules.
  • Ballistic Testing

    Ballistic Testing

    Ballistic testing was completed the fall of 2016 and neither a 308x51 or AK47 round or 308x39 or AR15 fully penetrated a BB1 or BB2 when filled with dirt or sand. In addition, the top container in a stack five high on uneven ground barely moved when shot with a 308x51.