Big Blok HazMat/Medical Applications

hazmat applications
  • HazMat/Bio-Waste/Spills
  • Big Blok has been certified as UN Group II Packaging using cross-link polyethylene. The big change is the cross-link material is tougher and stronger, not an FDA approved material. Most of the same, great features for the original Big Bloks are included in the UN grade Big Bloks.
  • Big Bloks are rotation-molded of Cross-Link Polyethylene. This material is commonly used in food, fuel, and chemical containers.
  • Spill kits and bio-waste kits available with contents customized to meet the customer's specific needs
  • Also found in radiation suits and shielding, PE can be used for storing some low-level nuclear material.
  • PE is used in chemical suits and garbage bags, making it ideal for hazardous cleanups like meth labs.
  • O-ring sealed caps secure the contents. Stackability, durability, and outdoor use greatly simplify handling, transportation and storage.
  • They can even be incinerated along with the contents.
  • Medical supplies are often delivered in paper boxes that require extra care in handling. Big Blok's large openings and liquid-tight sealed caps ease handling and storage concerns and actually protect the contents.
  • Big Bloks can be molded with an integral foam lining to add both cushioning and thermal insulation.
  • Add ice packs for extended chilling.
  • Empty Big Bloks can be used as receptacles for human waste by installing the optional Toilet Riser. Remove the Toilet Riser and replace the cap for disposal.
  • Medical waste or common trash are conveniently and safely contained until disposal.