Big Blok Emergency Preparedness, Mitigation and Recovery Applications

Disaster victim's most urgent need is food and water

The most common complaint is, "What took so long?"

Big Blok products perfect for emergency kit for families, handling harsh environments with ease
  • HazMat/Bio-Waste/Spills
  • Big Blok has been certified as UN Group II Packaging using cross-link polyethylene. The big change is the cross-link material is tougher and stronger, not an FDA approved material. Most of the same, great features for the original Big Bloks are included in the UN grade Big Bloks.
  • Big Bloks are rotation-molded of Cross-Link Polyethylene. This material is commonly used in food, fuel, and chemical containers.
  • Big Bloks can be prepacked and staged outdoors at strategic locations, ready to load and deliver via flatbed trailer.
  • Big Blok's design and material make it vermin-proof.
  • Contents might be water bottles, food packets, blankets, radio batteries, first aid kits, a Toilet Riser, etc, anything that will fit through the 10" opening.
  • Big Blok colors can be used to organize the relief shipment.
  • Red Bloks can be used as fuel storage for chainsaws and generators.
  • Big Blok's durability and sealed cap means you can use a roller conveyor to distribute individual Bloks without stopping the truck, speeding up delivery.
  • Empty containers will not become part of the landscape, but changes its function to handle waste, trash and then be recycled.
  • Utilizing the Big Blok Toilet Riser ("auxiliary part") provides containment of human and hazardous waste.
  • In dire emergency, Big Blok can be burned for heat without creating air pollution. (first you must remove the PP cap)