Big Blok Designs and Manufacturers the Containers for Your Use

Big Blok Creator: Ken Rogers
Ken Rogers

'. . .most of the existing containers for food, dry supplies, etc., are made up of cardboard boxes, corrugated containers, plastic bags and trash bins. All of these mediums are completely unsuitable for the tasks assigned.'

Luberack applications Big Blok founder, Ken Rogers, has worked with plastics for over 40 years. The idea for Big Blok storage systems was created from a perceived need, and initiated in the early 80's with the establishment of the Superfund for Hazardous Waste Cleanup.

Ken observed that most of the existing containers used for food, dry supplies, etc., were made up of corrugated containers, plastic bags and drums. All of these containers are only marginally suitable for the purpose, especially when exposed to weather and rough handling. Also, most of the extant containers were not designed to hold wet material or to survive damage when dropped, exposed to water, extreme winds and related conditions.

The initial idea of creating a better container or series of interlocking, multi-use containers began to formulate one day during a discussion between Ken and an old Navy friend. After several years of contemplating the idea, combined with Ken's professional background in rotational molding utilizing polyethylene material, his vision was in the process of becoming a reality. With the use of a strong, chemically resistant material that could be formed in complex shapes without losing strength, he had the proper source and means to move forward.

In 2008, the development of Big Blok Stackable Storage solutions was achieved. Big Blok is located in beautiful Vancouver, Washington, conveniently to transportation via air, rail, water or road.

The key features of the product are flexibility, durability, and sensational utility. Suitable for commercial, industrial, retail, and military packaging solutions. These stackable containers are small enough to be handled by one or two people without the need of specialized handling equipment, or they can be palletized. FDA approved for food, they are designed for multiple products, totally sealable and stackable. Other key uses include: chemical and fuel storage, temporary storage containers, shelters, barriers, dikes and many other uses.